Unobtrusive Javascript Form Validation for Prototype

I’ve ported my YUI Unobtrusive Javascript Validation script to Prototype, since that’s what I’m using these days. It has exactly the same features as it’s YUI brother, but the script is much smaller and has been structured much better.

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  1. simone says:

    this script just don’t works in explorer so it’s a bit useless…

  2. Patrick says:

    does not work for me either…

  3. jc says:

    Yes my mistake. Version 2.1 works in IE now. Post has been updated above.

  4. Ryan Dlugosz says:

    Ah! Thanks for posting this update! I had found your original post & had been using the 2.0 version posted there (which doesn’t work with IE)… This new release fixed it – you may want to add a link on the original page that points folks to this updated post.

    Thanks for the script – works great & has been a huge time-saver!

  5. Lester says:

    Hi. Is there a way to call the form validation in js code ? i want to validate the form and then send the data via a ajax post. I had tried JS.Validate.checkForm(), but FF throws an error that the ‘e’ is not an object

  6. VB Guest says:

    I have red your documentation about the script. It looks promising. I am going to try that today. Thanks