XBMC on your Raspberry Pi

Here’s another easy guide to put XBMC on your Raspberry Pi using Xbian. I’m recommending Xbian because, in my opinion, it’s currently the best performing installation for the Raspberry Pi. I’ve tried RaspBMC and OpenElec as well, but they just […]

How to write good code – A tip for wordpress developers

Recently I’ve automatically updated my WordPress installation and a few plugins. To my surprise after the update, the site just stopped working. There was a PHP fatal error in one of the plugins. How did this get past QA with […]


How to backup your server over FTP

Recently I needed to find a way to backup the contents of one of my servers, onto another server in a completely different location. Normally I would use rsync over SSH but I don’t have SSH access on my remote […]


Job Hunters beware of your Social Referee

I am AMAZED at the mentality of some people on the Internet. To think that the things you do and say are 100% private and protected, you are incredibly naive. Although even if you know full well that your Facebook […]


Using VSFTPD with MySQL and restricting users

Let me save you over 10 hours of hair pulling stress and give you the easiest guide you’ll ever come across to setup vsftpd on your linux box and give you control of your private server. This guide will let […]


Get information of large files on 32 bit systems using PHP

Over the last few years following the development of Ajax File Browser (now known as Limpid Browser), various users have had troubles with getting the application to report the correct size of large files (greater than 2gib) on 32bit systems. […]


Cool Multi Purpose Progress Bars

In my development I’ve created these cool Progress Bars with different applications, actually I created them ages ago. I’ve recently needed to expand on their original design, and while I’m restructuring them I thought I’d also share them. They come […]

Unobtrusive Javascript Form Validation for Prototype

I’ve ported my YUI Unobtrusive Javascript Validation script to Prototype, since that’s what I’m using these days. It has exactly the same features as it’s YUI brother, but the script is much smaller and has been structured much better. Preview […]

The rules of unobtrusive JavaScript

Roger Johansson outlines some very key points about Unobtrusive Javascript. It’s worth checking out.

Snippets re-released

Now in its second revision, Snippets.jc21.com is now back up. In addition to showing you some time saving code, there are a couple of new features: Accounts Now you can register and login to bookmark your favorite snippets. Also, you […]