Cool Multi Purpose Progress Bars

In my development I’ve created these cool Progress Bars with different applications, actually I created them ages ago. I’ve recently needed to expand on their original design, and while I’m restructuring them I thought I’d also share them.

They come in the form of PHP5 Classes (EDIT: PHP4 versions also included) and for the moment they are static. The output is well formed though so you could manipulate them usng your own Javascript style. The example page within the zip has a few examples for you to run with. The classes themselves are well documented with functionality not always seen in the examples.

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  1. vinod says:

    i couldn’t able to download the progress bar classes. please send me the correct link to download the file

  2. jc says:

    whoops. files were moved. fixed now

  3. vinod says:

    great. thanks for your quick reply. Really this is very easy to use.

  4. found your site on today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later ..

  5. AL says:

    Hi !

    Is there a way to use these classes in PHP4 ?


  6. jc says:

    Just for you, I’ve added the PHP4 versions of the classes in the Zip file linked above. Enjoy

  7. Kate Texas says:

    You are so kind taking into account the wishes of all the commentators. :)
    Thanks for these wonderful bars.

  8. Sparsh says:

    Hey! you have shared nice process bar. Thanks for the PHP code. I will try it in my site.

  9. Ric says:

    Hi there! Is there any way of adding one of these into the ajax file browser upload section?


  10. jc says:

    Hi Ric, no I wouldn’t be able to do this. To add progress bars to Uploads, you have to use Flash. I plan to use Uploadify ( in the next release of AFB – yet to be completed.

  11. wow nice colors. i want to this tool. thank you for sherring.

  12. Prefabrik says:

    Very nice work thanks for sharing.